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Large Rubber Curry
Soft Touch Hoof Pick with Brush
Shedding Blade
Soft Touch Mane & Tail Brush
Soft Touch Face Brush
Hands On Grooming GlovesHands On Grooming Gloves
Complete Grooming Box
Picador Soft Dandy Brush
Picador Medium Dandy Brush
Tail Wrap Round Mane and Tail Brush
Silverline Wood Back Dandy Brush
Silverline Wood Back Flick Brush
Goat Hair Face Brush
Horsehair Finishing Brush
Silverline Wood Back Dandy Horse Hair Brush
Comfy Grooming Mitt
Rubber Grooming Mitt
Silverline Jelly Scrubbers
Small Dandy Brush
Half Size Horsehair Blend

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